Phil Pitzer - Producer / Writer

Over the last six years, Philip Pitzer has become involved in motion picture development focusing exclusively on the "Easy Rider" franchise. Mr. Pitzer has co authored two scripts, "Easy Rider: The Ride Back" and "Easy Rider: The Search Continues". He has also been involved in the creation and marketing of the pilot for a television series Equestrian Lifestyles. Mr. Pitzer's exploits have been chronicled in two books, Laughing on the Outside Crying on the Inside, the biography of Judy Carne, as well as, Diary of a Life Interrupted, relating to the life of Nichole Brown Simpson.

Mr. Pitzer completed his undergraduate education at The Ohio State University where he was designated a Distinguished Military graduate and was a member of the Mershon Military Honorary Society.

After graduating from Ohio State, Mr. Pitzer attended the University Of Kentucky College Of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate and was an editor of The Kentucky Commentator. Following law school, Mr. Pitzer served in the military where he rose to the rank of Captain in Military Intelligence.

Mr. Pitzer currently divides his time between his residences in Aspen and Acapulco.

Sheree J. Wilson - Producer / Actress

The long and lustrous career of Sheree J. Wilson started in New York City. A young fresh faced ingenue, Sheree was discovered when a photographer took a shot of her at a fashion show that set the fashion world a buzz. Like many girls, Sheree moved to the bright lights of NYC to make it on Broadway. The advertising world took notice and in eighteen months she appeared in over thirty commercial campaigns including Clairol, Sea Breeze, Keri-Lotion and Maybelline. Her print work ran in such popular magazines as Mademoiselle, Glamour and Redbook.

Next Hollywood came calling and she landed a starring role on the CBS mega-hit series DALLAS. This performance earned her a "Soap Opera Digest Award." This highly sought after actress continued to work solidly, starring in features, MOW, and various TV miniseries. Sheree gained rave reviews for her lead female role of D.A. Alex Cahill in the seven-season phenomenon WALKER, TEXAS RANGER, opposite Chuck Norris. Other credits include KILLING DOWN, FRAGILE and she is currently shooting the third season of the hit web series PINK. Sheree stars in and has co-produced the soon to be released and highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic, EASY RIDER: THE RIDE BACK.

Vince Morella - Executive Producer

Born and raised in Louisiana, Vince received an accounting degree from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Vince earned his CPA certificate shortly thereafter while employed with an international CPA firm. Feeling the need to be in charge of his own destiny, Vince started his own CPA practice which he successfully operated for ten years before selling to a larger firm. Vince's entrepreneurial attitude has steered him to several successful business ventures in wholesale and retail fuel, family entertainment, real estate and the health care industry. His first involvement in the movie industry came as an Executive Producer on Burning Palms, written and directed by Christopher Landon, which is scheduled for release in early 2010. Vince's investment strategy of investing in people first and the deal second has always been a mainstay of his business philosophy, hence making the Easy Rider project a natural fit.

Brian Lataille - Director of Photography

Brian Lataille grew up in Vernon, Connecticut, and like everyone in the field of movie making, dreamed of one day working in the motion picture business. Brian completed his schooling and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography and immediately began working in his field of choice. For the next few years Brian worked on many TV features including Monk, Girl Friends, The Game, and The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Modestly selling himself as a jack-of-all-trades, Brian was able to bring a visual acumen to productions that only a handful of operators were able to achieve. Brian was able to give filmmakers with a modest budget, some of the big budget shots that are often lacking in those types of productions. His work includes Ghost Rock, Angel Air, and Lethal, along with a series of national TV ads. His feature films include films like Killing Cupid, Alien Invasion Arizona, Dual: The Lone Drifter, and most recently Easy Rider: The Ride Back. In the field of cinematography Brian admires and respects some of the greats including, Bernie Abramson, Donald A. Morgan, Affonso Beato, Cèsar Charlone, Dean Cundy, Lazlo Kovacs, Vilmos Zsigmond, Jack N. Green, Russell Carpenter, and Tom Stern. Lataille currently resides in Burbank, California and is currently attached to oversee the cinematography on two projects in the fall of 2009.

Rick Fox - Co-Producer & Music Supervision / Post-Sound / Edit

Rick Fox has been in the audio and entertainment industry for over 30 years. He has performed in more than 20 countries, and has traveled and performed as keyboardist for David Bowie and Adrian Belew. He is an accomplished keyboardist, guitarist, composer, and vocalist. Rick was the Executive Audio Director for Acclaim Entertainment for 15 years, a consistent top ten worldwide developer of interactive entertainment with offices in Austin, Salt Lake City, New York, and London. As head of global audio for Acclaim, Fox was responsible for consulting, licensing of major recording artists, directing song and score composition, voice over sessions, and sound design working with major labels, publishers and artists such as Diana Ross, Ozzy Osborne, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty etc...

In January 2005 Rick purchased Acclaim's Cincinnati recording suites and launched Fox Sound Studios. Through Fox Sound Studios Rick has continued independently licensing, directing and composing score, producing voice over sessions and sound design for clients like Take 2, Rock Star, Barking Fish Lounge and others.

Natalie Allen - Production Designer

Natalie Allen-Sullivan: has been working in the film industry as a Production Designer and Art Director for the past 8 years. Over the last 20 years, Natalie worked successfully as an Interior Designer and Faux Painter, and has worked with many high profile clients and celebrities. She has placed emphasis and interest in the studies of costume design, historical studies, and all things pertaining to art.

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